Fuel Supply Defaults for Regional Fuels and Fuel Wizard Tool in MOVES201X

The fuel supply report documents the data and methodology used to derive the default gasoline, diesel and fuel-blend fuel properties, and their respective fuel market share in MOVES. The default market share of the individual fuels varies by calendar year, seasons, and several dozen different fuel regions. The fuel properties and market shares are projected out to calendar year 2060 using estimates derived from the Annual Energy Outlook (AEO). The report also documents the fuel wizard tool that allows users to adjust local fuel properties using EPA refinery modeling. The report includes updated fuel properties for 2012-2015, including gasoline sulfur levels, based on EPA fuel compliance data, updated projections of ethanol-blended fuels, including E15 and E85, based on the updated AEO projections, and removal of MTBE containing fuels from the historic fuel supply.