The State of the Practice of Construction and Demolition Material Recovery

The C&D recovery industry continues to grow. Some components (e.g., concrete) are commonly recovered for existing economic reasons. Other elements―especially those with low market value and that frequently require processing to separate them from the rest of the C&D stream―remain a challenge to recycle in some cases. Many state and local governments have demonstrated that public policy can play a major role in advancing C&D recovery, and municipalities or other entities interested in growing C&D recovery in their areas can reference these examples. Data gaps remain in certain areas, such as the need to better 1) track the amount, composition, and disposition of C&D in the United States, especially as related to C&D recovery; 2) compile and disseminate successful strategies for C&D recovery while emphasizing caution around certain constituents that adversely impact human health and the environment; and 3) document the benefits resulting from C&D recovery.