Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) Data-Treatment Chemicals, Construction Materials, Transportation, On-site Equipment, and other Processes for Use in Spreadsheets for Environmental Footprint Analysis (SEFA): Revised Addition

This report estimates environmental emission factors (EmF) for key chemicals, construction and treatment materials, transportation/on-site equipment, and other processes used at remediation sites. The basis for chemical, construction, and treatment material EmFs is life cycle inventory data extracted from secondary data sources and compiled using the openLCA software package.
The US EPA MOVES 2014 model was used to derive EmFs from combustion profiles for a number of transportation and on-site equipment processes. The EmFs were calculated for use in United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Spreadsheets for Environmental Footprint Analysis. EmFs are reported for cumulative energy demand, global warming potential (GWP), criteria pollutants (e.g. NOX, SOX, and PM10), hazardous air pollutants, and water use.