AOP-DB Frontend: A user interface for the Adverse Outcome Pathways Database

The EPA Adverse Outcome Pathway Database (AOP-DB) is a database resource that aggregates association relationships between AOPs, genes, chemicals, diseases, pathways, species orthology information, ontologies. The AOP-DB frontend is a simple yet powerful user interface in the form of a web application. By replacing applications like MySQL Workbench and the MySQL command line interface (MySQL CLI), it allows users to interact with the SQL database conveniently within their preferred web browser on any operating system. This approach includes all information the AOP-DB has to offer without the need of excess applications or knowledge of creating SQL queries. The frontend itself is built using pure-JavaScript frameworks Node.js and AngularJS. These modern frameworks allow for increased modularity, responsiveness, and robust page features without impacting development time. Currently, the AOP-DB frontend is envisioned to be utilized for exclusive in-house EPA use; though this is the case, the frontend is being built with eventual public external, internet use in mind by taking appropriate measures for administration and security. Alongside these considerations, the application will also serve as a framework for other databases housed at the EPA. The workflow described here includes a finished mockup for the AOP-DB being available April/May 2018. Here we describe the prototype, which includes essential features such as database navigation, and site administration. This abstract does not reflect EPA Policy