Adverse Outcome Database (AOPdb)

The AOPwiki serves to make expert knowledge of biological mechanism of adverse effects publically available, but also organizes the information for further consumption and processing. What is not yet possible with existing tools is to look across individual AOPs for potential biological overlap and connections between related outcomes. This limits complex systems science and the adoption of a systems-based approach in the characterization of AOPs, and is one motivation for extending the AOPdb deliverable.The AOPdb currently combines different data types in order to characterize the impacts of chemicals to human health and the environment, and was initially created as a decision support tool for case study development as part of CSS AOP DD Taxonomic Relevance of AOPs (1.1c). Queries of the AOPdb can now assist the user in the identification of relevant molecular targets, biological pathways, and chemical and disease associations across species for four AOPs described in the AOPwiki (Estrogen receptor antagonism leading to reproductive dysfunction; Aromatase inhibition leading to reproductive dysfunction; AHR1 activation leading to developmental abnormalities and embryolethality; Acetylcholinesterase inhibition leading to acute mortality).