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South Kaibab Trail Reconstruction – date posted Mar 19, 2010

The Grand Canyon Trail Crew and our partners, American Conservation Experience and Coconino Rural Environment Corp, are currently making major improvements to sections along the entire length of the South Kaibab Trail.

As we go into the spring and summer months of 2010, trail workers will be closer to the rim where temperatures are more favorable for the time of year. You can expect to see 30 plus trail workers in several different work locations in the top two miles of the South Kaibab Trail. We will be focusing our reconstruction efforts on some of the worst sections of trail first, but ultimately conditions will be improved along the entire length of the South Kaibab Trail.

If you are hiking on the South Kaibab Trail, we need your help to keep the work locations safe for all. Make your presence known when you are coming through the jobsite. Trail workers will be more than happy to assist you safely through. Also, provide a smile for the trail workers, thank them for their hard work. In turn, those of us reconstructing the South Kaibab Trail thank you for hiking and visiting the Grand Canyon!

Day in the Life of a Grand Canyon Trail Worker, more . . .


On Tuesday, June 9, 2009, the National Park Service began a project to reconstruct the South Kaibab Trail. The reconstruction project will take approximately two to four years. Commercial and private stock traffic has been temporarily diverted to the Bright Angel Trail during construction activities.

The South Kaibab Trail will remain open to hikers during trail reconstruction; however, occasional short delays may occur – hikers will be advised to follow instructions provided by trail crew members, or through signing and other advisories.

The reconstruction project will significantly improve the condition of the trail for both hikers and stock users alike. The reconstruction effort will include resurfacing of the trail; rebuilding steps; stabilization and preventative maintenance to existing retaining walls; replacing retaining walls that have been lost to floods, slides, or erosion; repairing and aligning existing water features.